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February 27, 2015Translation or Localization?

How can you be sure, if the Japanese translation came out from translation company is correct. Even if it is correct, but it may not good enough as institutional use. 

Web sites, Press releases, brochures, presentations etc. did they come out to be consistent? 

If you felt not confident, please contact us. We can help you not with the Translation but "Localization". 

Be confident wit OnBoard.

February 19, 2015To localize your press release

If you are trying to distribute your press release in Japan, you may use Translation Company to do the translations. But is that enough? The answer is NO.

Press release are something that must be written with the "language" and local format. Ask OnBoard, we can help you to create the catchy and high-impact press release.

Feel free to contact us for more information.